DataBank Selects MOPstar for Standardizing Daily Data Center Maintenance



Data center, cloud, and connectivity services provider, DataBank, has deployed MOPstar. This software solution will help standardize method of procedure (MOP) and daily maintenance across DataBank’s data centers while enhancing visibility into its critical infrastructure.

DataBank selected MOPstar because of the way their solution set eliminates the manual and paper-based management of MOP that are typical in most data centers. It replaces it with a centralized system that would simplify data center operations and conformance of procedures through automation. MOPstar provides ready access to more data, “with increased accuracy and consistency, thereby reducing errors and saving time.”

The partnership is taking aim at reducing operational errors, increasing productivity and providing better control mechanisms to improve availability and uptime. DataBank will roll out MOPstar starting in Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City. That is to be followed by 20 more data centers in nine U.S. markets by Q2 2020.

The main benefits that DataBank is targeting with MOPstar include:

  • Compliance – MOPstar would simplify the way auditors, executives and clients want to see who did what, when and why to any piece of equipment.
  • Efficiency – It would eliminate the need to write MOPs for new equipment, sites and jobs. Making MOPs readily available on mobile devices enables technicians to focus on what they need to do and spend less time on overhead issues.
  • Control – Having MOPs in the cloud and tracked on mobile devices would ensure all technicians are consistent every time they do a procedure.

“It’s all about driving automation, standardization and consistency,” said Ajay Nagar, Founder and CEO of MOPstar. “It has been a fantastic journey working with the DataBank team, whose leadership team truly understands the value of having automated data center maintenance procedures. The company now has increased visibility and productivity and is further ensuring quality control and scalability across multiple levels.”

Real-Time System Monitoring, Security

Ajay Nagar

Ajay Nagar

“It has been a fantastic journey working with the DataBank team, whose leadership team truly understands the value of having automated data center maintenance procedures,” said Ajay Nagar, Founder and CEO of MOPstar.

The partnership with MOPstar comes as DataBank experiences a period of “spectacular growth”, including its recent acquisition of Lightbound, a colocation, Internet, voice, network and cloud services provider that expanded DataBank’s portfolio of edge data centers with two new enterprise-class facilities in the Indianapolis metro area.

“As DataBank continues to build the premier edge and colocation data center platform in the United States, it’s essential that we automate and standardize operations even as we scale to ensure maximum uptime, optimal efficiency and compliance,” said Raul K. Martynek, CEO of DataBank. “By deploying MOPstar first in select facilities and ultimately across our entire data center portfolio, we are elevating the level of precision, quality control and visibility of our mission-critical infrastructure, a distinct advantage to every DataBank customer whose operations demand real-time system monitoring, availability and security.”

DataBank is headquartered in the historic former Federal Reserve Bank Building, in downtown Dallas, Texas. In addition to Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City, DataBank operates data enters in Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh.

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