CoreSite Adds Google Cloud Interconnect to Its Reston, VA, Data Center

Data center and interconnection solutions provider CoreSite (NYSE:COR), a company delivering its data center colocation services across eight key North American markets, is now offering direct fiber connectivity to Google Cloud at its Reston, Virginia data center campus.

This additional connectivity option provides CoreSite the ability to offer “enterprise-grade” dedicated fiber connectivity to Google Cloud using Dedicated Interconnect. The expanded connectivity portfolio is aimed at supporting demanding data and connectivity requirements on CoreSite’s Reston, Virginia data center colocation campus, adding to its native Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect services already offered in other markets within the CoreSite platform.

CoreSite is also now offering internet peering to Google Cloud through its Any2Exchange peering platform and private network interfaces at its data center colocation campuses in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and now in Reston.

High-Speed Fiber Connectivity

Photo Juan Font, Senior Vice President of General Management, CoreSite

“Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect is a value-adding enhancement to our interconnection capabilities in Reston,” said Juan Font, Senior Vice President of General Management, CoreSite.

CoreSite also recently enabled Partner Interconnect to Google Cloud within the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange to all its markets. It would provide more points of connectivity, flexible capacities and make it easier for customers with multi-region and multi-cloud architectures to directly integrate their network with Google Cloud.

“By offering additional access to Google Cloud in Northern Virginia, we’re increasing customer choice and the value of CoreSite’s interconnection platforms as customers solve for transferring and processing large data sets with ultra-low latency, architecting hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, and enhancing cloud access resiliency via diverse points of connectivity,” said Juan Font, Senior Vice President of General Management, CoreSite. “Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect high-speed fiber connectivity and Google Cloud Internet Peering via CoreSite’s Any2Exchange are value-adding enhancements to our interconnection capabilities in Reston.”

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