ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse to Provide Unprecedented Protections in the Domain Name Space

On 26 March 2013, ICANN will unveil a global repository for trademark data, the first of its kind in the domain name space. The Trademark Clearinghouse will enable companies and individuals to protect their trademarks, while new gTLDs are introduced into the Domain Name System. Rights holders whose trademark information has been verified by the Clearinghouse will have the opportunity to participate in a set of services designed to help protect their rights.

Trademark Clearinghouse Structure

Clearinghouse operations are divided into two functions:

  1. Trademark Validation
    Beginning 26 March 2013, rights holders can submit trademark data at http://trademark-clearinghouse.com. Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services is responsible for verifying these trademark submissions.
  2. Database Administration
    ICANN is working with IBM on management of the Trademark Clearinghouse database, including provision of relevant data to new gTLD registries and registrars for Sunrise and Trademark Claims services. These systems are anticipated to be operational later in 2013.

Benefits of Inclusion in the Trademark Clearinghouse

Rights holders that register their marks with the Clearinghouse will receive:

  • Access to Sunrise Registration
    The Sunrise period allows eligible trademark holders the opportunity to register their marks as domain names in advance of the general public.
  • Notification of Registration
    During Sunrise and Claims periods, the Trademark Clearinghouse will alert rights holders when a domain name is registered that matches the rights holder’s mark in the Clearinghouse.

Learn More About the Trademark Clearinghouse

  • Webinars on Trademark Registration
    Deloitte is hosting educational webinars on 27, 28 February and 6, 14 March 2013. Space is limited. Sign up now.
  • Find in-depth information on the Clearinghouse, including technical specifications and a historical archive documenting its development.

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