Polyrize raises $4M for its next-gen authorization platform

In enterprise security, there’s been a slow but steady move toward implementing zero trust security models and moving away from trusting anybody solely based on the fact that they have access to the company VPN, for example. That, to some degree, shifts the line of defense to the authentication service, which has to ensure that the users who try to log on are really who they say they are.

Tel Aviv-based Polyrize, which is coming out of stealth today, is tackling this problem by providing enterprises with a secure, proxyless authorization platform that gives enterprises the ability to better manage how its employees can access third-party SaaS services. The company also today announced that it has raised a $4 million seed round led by Glilot Capital Partners.


“Today’s enterprise security teams fly blind post-login,” said Kobi Samboursky, co-founder and managing partner at Glilot Capital Partners. “They simply lack the tools to understand who has access to what, and why. As emphasis is moving toward cloud and Zero Trust, access becomes the last defense line. When we first met Nati and the team, we were immediately aligned with their vision and mission of securing authorization. We are thrilled to have the company join our portfolio and to play a role in its growth and success for years to come.”

The service continuously authorizes identities across SaaS and IaaS platforms ranging from Google’s G Suite and Office 365 to Box, Slack and GitHub.

Using its own proprietary engine, augmented by machine learning, the service constantly watches for unusual behavior. What’s maybe just as important, though, is that it also provides security teams with the ability to provide granular access privileges — and instantly revoke those of users who leave the company.

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