A2 Hosting Releases ‘VPS Turbo Hosting’ on AMD EPYC Servers

Photo Bryan Muthig, CEO of A2 Hosting

“Our customers rely on us to provide VPS hosting speeds that give them the edge for better rankings, better conversion rates and better bounce rates,” said Bryan Muthig, CEO of A2 Hosting.

Hosting company A2 Hosting, a provider of hosting services located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has upgraded its server platforms supporting its Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting plans. The revamped platform running “turbo” plans now leverages AMD EPYC servers for highg CPU performance.

The new VPS hosting plans would also feature fast first-byte performance while yielding fast page loads. A2 Hosting will deploy these servers with its VPS Turbo Hosting offering in its Arizona (U.S.), Michigan (U.S.), Amsterdam, and Singapore data centers.

 “We are committed to providing the fastest, most stable hosting experience because, as the world moves faster, search engine algorithms seem to change on a weekly basis and visitor attention spans continue to shorten,” said Bryan Muthig, CEO of A2 Hosting. “This all impacts metrics like cart abandonment and bounce rate. The last thing our customers want to worry about is their web hosting. Our customers rely on us to provide VPS hosting speeds that give them the edge for better rankings, better conversion rates and better bounce rates, which we deliver consistently.”

The use of AMD EPYC hardware would enable A2 Hosting to exponentially increase its VPS Turbo Hosting plans’ performance. EPYC servers would provide a number of advantages including:

  • Enhanced processing power with I/O capacity designed to reduce bottlenecks that could slow down a website
  • Fast first-byte performance and fast CPU performance
  • Use of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) storage for the highest read/write speeds

VPS Hosting Plan Options

Packaged in Standard and Turbo tiers, A2 Hosting’s VPSs are accessible via managed and unmanaged plans – designed to fit the needs of two distinctly different types of users.

  • Managed VPS Hosting – The Managed VPS hosting plan provides the optimal user-experience for customers comfortable in a Shared Hosting environment using the intuitive cPanel control panel. Managed VPS hosting plans also include free site migration from competing hosting solutions for a worry-free experience.
  • Unmanaged VPS Hosting – The Unmanaged VPS hosting plan is designed for experienced developers who are comfortable working directly with the command line. These plans also allow users to fully customize their server settings to their needs.

Each VPS hosting plan also includes its own operating system as well as its own allocation of resources – including RAM, CPU, and disk space. The VPS plans run independently of each other on the servers, using advanced virtualization solutions from Virtuozzo. These features collectively provide customers with a virtual environment that would closely mimic that of a dedicated server without the costs associated with one.

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