Auctions: Upcoming Webinar and Preliminary Rules

01 November 2013

Auctions are a method of last resort for resolving String Contention for the New gTLD Program, and Power Auctions LLC has been named as ICANN’s auction provider.

ICANN is hosting a webinar on 7 November 2013 (22:00 – 23:00 UTC) to discuss the New gTLD Auctions process and invite community feedback on certain elements. The information needed to participate can be found below:

Webinar topics will include an overview of the Auctions process, preliminary key rules and deadline, and proposed timeframes. To help applicants prepare for the webinar, and auctions in general, a preliminary version of the New gTLD Program Auction Rules has been published.

Read the Preliminary Auction Rules [PDF, 235 KB]

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