Top 10 best data center service providers in India 2020

“With over 460 million internet users, India is the second-largest online market, ranked only behind China. By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India.” Statista *

Indian population is rapidly going digital. The enormous number of internet users using active mobile data via connected devices is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Continued internet penetration is furthermore expected with Government of India supporting public investment in large scale digitalization with its ‘Digital India‘ scheme and with the transition of telecommunications providers (telcos) to high-speed 4G LTE and the soon to come 5G wireless technologies. This presents a huge demand for the data center infrastructure.

Booming cloud adoption is further driving the growth in the Indian data center market.

“India’s public cloud market is estimated to be $2.6 billion in 2018, and over $4 billion by 2020,” Akash Ambani, director at Reliance Jio Infocomm, had said at the India Digital Open Summit in Mumbai.

Availability of needed real estate and competitive governmental policies are helping global players like Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft, Google and Amazon open data centers on the Indian grounds. The local players, having an advantage over global players in terms of knowing the market conditions well, are also leaving no stones unturned with innovative offerings and solutions on advanced technologies. Like CtrlS is offering services on Asia’s largest Tier 4 datacenter, NxtGen is aiming for transformational services with DevCloud, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), ESDS providing smart city solutions and AI services and a lot more.

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Data center is a critical component for any enterprise for hosting their crucial business data and applications. Investing in a top-notch one is the deciding factor that can make all the difference between its success or failure. It’s equally important, if not more than a bank, for secure and successful working of an organization in today’s borderless world. Hence, we have summarized a list of top ten players in the data center space in India.

Download the spreadsheet with all the features of top 10 best data center service providers in India.

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Largest data center solution providers in India

Please note that it is not a comprehensive list of either data center providers or their features and product offerings. Also, the data center service providers listed below have been arranged in alphabetical order and do not represent any ranking as such.

1. CtrlS

CtrlS is counted as Asia Pacific’s largest Tier-4 data center and managed services provider. CtrlS operates five state-of-the-art facilities, including four Tier-4 datacenters in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, and one Tier-3 datacenter in Chennai while the company soon plans to launch its 100 MW hyper-scale facility in Mumbai. The company acts as a trusted advisor to over 3,500 Indian and global multinationals.

Its Hyderabad facility consists of 40,000 sq. ft. of space with a capacity of 1,400 racks and 10MW of power capacity. Its Mumbai facility can house 5000 racks with 200,000 sq. ft. of space and 30 MW of power capacity. Its Bangalore facility is spread across 180,000 sq. ft. with a capacity to host close to 2,000 racks.

The facility in New Delhi comprises 130,000 sq.ft of space. CtrlS has over 1,800 employees and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The new 100 MW Hyperscale facility in Mumbai is likely to spread across one million sq. ft. which has the capacity to host 50,000 racks.


Founded in 2005, ESDS is a leading managed data center service and auto-scalable cloud solution provider. ESDS is working steadfastly towards establishing a huge customer base.

It provides managed data center services, managed cloud solutions, virtualization and disaster recovery hosting, backed with technical support.

ESDS has its presence in the following industry verticals – Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Education, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, eCommerce, Agriculture, IT, Entertainment & Media, Telecom, Government and Travel & Tourism.

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3. GPX Global Systems Inc.

GPX develops and operates private, carrier-neutral, state-of-the-art Tier 4 data centers in emerging, but fast-growing commercial markets within the MENA and South Asia markets. GPX’s data centers are thriving carrier-neutral internet ecosystems, and home to the largest carriers, cloud service providers, content providers and internet providers.

GPX offers secure and highly reliable carrier-neutral data centers to both -domestic and international clients looking to colocate their crucial business infrastructure.

Its first data center was in Cairo in 2007. It opened its second Egyptian data center in early 2016, a 3000 M², Tier 4 facility located in New Cairo, Egypt.

GPX opened the first Tier 4 facility in South Asia in June 2012. It was a 3000 M² data center in Mumbai. Due to rising demand for high-quality facilities and service levels in India, GPX has announced its second Mumbai data center, GPX Mumbai 2 – a 6000 M², Tier 4 facility with 16 MW total power that will be available in Q2 2019.

GPX’s customers include Telcos, Cloud Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, CDNs, e-businesses and enterprise clients.

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4. Netmagic (An NTT Communications Company)

Netmagic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, is a leading managed hosting and multi-cloud hybrid it solution provider with 9 carrier-neutral, state-of-the-art hyperscale and high-density data centers. It serves more than 2000 enterprises globally.

Netmagic, headquartered in Mumbai, also provides Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services to various enterprise customers globally including NTT Communication’s customers across Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific region.

Netmagic was the first in India to launch services including cloud computing, managed security, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and software-defined storage.

5. NxtGen

NxtGen enables its customers to build their digital business without investing and managing complex IT infrastructure, by leveraging its hyper-converged infrastructure.

Headquartered in Singapore, NxtGen, is an emerging leader providing completely managed datacenter and cloud services across India and Singapore.

NxtGen deploys and offers IT infrastructure services from both or a combination of on-premise resources and its own facilities – Infinite DatacenterTM, empowering its customers to adopt the latest hybrid computing model.

6. Nxtra Data Limited

Nxtra Data Limited was formed to run Bharti’s business of Data Center Managed Services.

Nxtra now manages 10 Tier III and above and ISO 27001 certified data centres at Manesar, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bubhaneshwar and Pune. The total facilities provide an approx. 200,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

Nxtra offers an integrated portfolio of data center managed services including co-location, managed hosting, managed services, managed security, managed back-up & storage, virtual compute and cloud along with both domestic and international network connectivity.

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7. Sify Technologies

Sify is a leading integrated ICT Solutions and Services organization in India. It offers a wide range of solutions and products that are delivered over a common telecom data network infrastructure reaching over 1550 cities and towns in India.

Sify’s telecom network presently connects 45 data centers across India, including Sify’s 6 concurrently maintainable data centers across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru.

In 1998, Sify was the first Indian ISP that helped millions experience the internet for the first time on its network. It was the pioneer of Internet café, data and voice services for international call centers.

Today it has also expanded to the United States, with headquarters in California’s Silicon Valley. It has over 8500 enterprise customers.

8. Tata Communications

Tata Communications Limited, with its subsidiaries (Tata Communications), is a leading global provider of A New World of Communications™. Tata Communications utilizes its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global network for delivering managed solutions to multi-national companies and communications service providers.

Its global network includes an advanced and largest submarine cable network and a Tier-1 IP network with connectivity to over 240 countries and territories across 400 PoPs, as well as approximately 1 million square feet of data centre and colocation space across the globe.

Tata Communications’ reach in the emerging markets includes leadership in Indian enterprise data services and in global international voice communications.

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9. Web Werks

Web Werks Data Centers, located in 3 countries with over six geographically dispersed data centers, have been among the leaders in India for past two decades. They offer reliable hosting services on dedicated servers, cloud, co-location, virtualization and disaster recovery along with 24×7 support and 99.995% up-time guarantee.

Web Werks Data Centers are Carbon Neutral contributing towards Global Go-Green concepts. It is also a SAP certified provider of infrastructure, hosting and cloud operations services.

Web Werks in India is the first Asian data center to hold OIX-2 and host an OIX-1 IXP Mumbai-IX. They also fulfill all the requirement for being a full OpenIX supporter. They are cloud empaneled by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India (MeitY).

Their client list includes Microsoft, Google, Godrej, Canon, TATA, Netflix, Facebook, Akamai, and more. They also have Government sector customers like Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation, Nabard, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, SIDBI and more.

10. Yotta

Powered by the Hiranandani Group, Yotta design, build and operate infinitely scalable Data Center Parks. Yotta’s 50+ Acres of Data Center Parks will offer 11 Data Center buildings with options ranging from a single rack to an entire building, or even customized DC, supported with a wide range of managed services.

Yotta has a highly experienced (150+ man years) and certified Data Center design team. They claim to have some of the best minds in Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Automation, Fire fighting and Physical Security working with them.

Below is a list of most important products and features of data center service providers in India.

Features Ctrls ESDS GPX NetMagic NxtGen Nxtradata Sify Technologies Tata Communications Webwerks Yotta
Co-location High Density ColocationRack Space ColocationServer Colocation Managed Colocation Services Carrier Neutral Colocation Services Per-server (U-wise) colocation service Colocation in High Density Datacenter (HDDC) Shared and Dedicated RackspaceCaged Services / Dedicated DC Suites Shared RacksDedicated RacksSecured Cages Shared, dedicated rack, caged space, remote hands, customer workspace and reporting service. Server ColocationRack Colocation Dedicated Building & Floor Dedicated Hall & Cage Dedicated Hall & Cage
Cloud Solutions Cloud 4CEnterprise CloudCloud Backup & StorageReal CloudCloud SaaS & AppsWhite labelled CloudCloud with load balancer & clustering Government & Smart City CloudBanking Community CloudSAP HANA Community CloudEnterprise Community CloudeNlight Public CloudeNlight Private CloudHybrid CloudeNlight 360° On Premise Hybrid Cloud Solution X Public CloudPrivate CloudMulti-Cloud Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) Public CloudPrivate CloudHybrid Cloud GoInfinit AWS+ Public Cloud ServicesGoInfinit Private CloudEnterprise CloudVirtual Private Enterprise (VPE) Private Cloud IZO™ Private CloudIZO™ Cloud StorageIZO™ Managed CloudIZO™ Cloud ContainersIZO™ Cloud Analytics Platform Rapid Cloud Hosting ServicesLinux Cloud HostingWindows Cloud HostingTally Cloud HostingPrivate Cloud HostingWordPress Cloud Hosting Public CloudPrivate CloudHybrid CloudCloud Connectivity & SecurityCloud MigrationCloud Management
Cloud Management Portal (CMP) Yes eMagic Porta X NTT Com-Netmagic Cloud Management Platform (CMP) X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Infrastructure Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Migration Services Yes Yes Yes SimpliMigrate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Servers Power Dedicated ServersValue ServersMass Storage ServersUS Server Yes X Managed Dedicated Servers in India Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes X
Bandwidth 2 Mbps to 2 Gbps 10 Gbps backbone network 10 Gbps 2 MBps to 10 MBps X 10 Gbps 100Mbpas to 10 Gbps 2Mbps to 10Gbps 155 Mbps 10 Mbps
SSL Certificates Yes Yes X Yes X X Yes X Yes X
Total Capacity 1 000000 sq. ft. 1,00,000 sq. ft. Over 1,23,784.97 sq.ft. 1,100,000 sq.ft. 4,35,600 sq.ft. 1,98,000 sq ft 4,25,000 sq. ft. 1,000,000 sq. ft. 30,000 sq ft (Mumbai) 6,00,0000 sq. ft.
Power capacity 3 KW to 15 KW per rack 4KW to 10 KW 16MW (To be available in Q2 2019) 3 KVA – 14 KVA rated power rack options 15KW per rack 3 KVA – 14 KVA rated power racks 1.6 MW to 20 MW 3KVA or 6KVA rated AC power 2kW to 40kW 500 MW
Locations India – Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida, bangalore, Chennai Mumbai, United Kingdom, USA and Nashik 2 (Mumbai & Cairo) 190 countries 7 (Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Ludhiana and Mumbai) 7 (Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Manesar and Noida) 6 (3 in Mumbai & 1 each at Noida, Bengaluru, Chennai) 44 locations in four continents 5 (Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, US) 1 (Navi Mumbai), 2 ( Mumbai and Chennai (Coming soon))
Number of datacenters 6 ( 5 – Tier 4, 1 – Tier 3) 7 + 1 (Bengaluru in Oct 2018) 4 (1 under construction) 250+ 9 10 45 (6 of Sify and 39 of third-party partners) 44 5 3 (2 coming soon)
Redundancy N+N power redundancies N+N N+1 N+1 (Minimum) N+1 N+1 N+1 (Noida, Bengaluru, Mumbai) N+N (Chennai) Multiple Layers N+1 N+N
SLA 99.995 % uptime 99.99% 99.999% 99.99% Uptime 99.98% 99.98% 99.982% 99.95% 99.99% 99.999%
Standards Security, Compliance and Partners Tier IVBCMS ISO 22301:2012ISO 9001:2015ISO 270001:2013TIA-942-A Rated 4 Compliant (Noida facility)Microsoft Certified SPLA MemberParallels Gold PartnercPanel PartnerIDC Alliance MemberISMS ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011ANSI/TIA-942:2014 (Mumbai facility)Oracle PartnerVMware Partner Tier IIIISO 22301:2012ISO 9001:2015ISP 27001:2013ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011CMMi Level 3 CertificationSAP Certified in Cloud Services & SAP HANASTQC Audited CSPPCI DSS Certification by Panacea InfoSecMeltY Empaneled CSPDIT Empaneled CSPUK Patent No. GB2493812US Patent No. 9176788Major technology partners- Microsoft, IBM, IntelMajor technology partners in the UK and US -Dell, cPanel, VMWare and Parallels Cisco – partner for Network hardwareInternet partners- TCL, Reliance and Airtel Backup & DR partners – Zimbra and R1Soft Tier IVOIX -2 Certified/2018ISO 9001:2015ISO 27001:2013SSAE16 CertifiedCertified 4 Rated ANSI/TIA-942:2014 by TIA (Cairo 2)Google Cloud PlatformAWSDECIXAMS-IXExtreme Internet Exchange Tier IIIPCI-DSS V 3.2ISO 9001:2008ISO 27001:2005SAP Certified in SAP HANA OperationsMicrosoft Competency PartnerAICPA Service Organization Control ReportsCERT – IN EmpanelledCERT-IN empanelled Security Audit OrganizationISP 9001ISO 20000CSA Star CertificationGold LEED Certified Chennai DCANS/TIA – 942:2010Cisco Master Service ProviderOracle Gold PartnerEvault Global Alliance PartnerNASSCOM Member HDDC (designed to exceed Tier III specifications)CSANISTISO 27001ISO 27017ISO 27018HIPAA Compliant SAS 70PCI DSS 3.0HitachiHPEZerto PartnerVMware Partner Tier IIIISO 22301ISO/IEC 27001ISO/IEC 20000-1CenturyLinkCommvaultINFINIDAT Tier III compliant/concurrently-maintainableTL 9000 V 5.5ISO 9001:2008ISO 27001:2013ISO IEC 20000: 2011ISO IEC 27000-1:2013ISO 9001:2015SSAE 18 (SOC2)CMMI Level 5SAP Certified in Hosting ServicesSAP Certified in Cloud ServicesSAP Certified in SAP HANA Operations ServicesSAP Certified in Application Management Services45 partners (AWS, IBM, HP, Hitachi, Fortinet, Cisco, McAfee, Juniper,Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, Symantec, Vmware, Check Point, CA Technologies, Akamai, Aryaka, Actifio, Brodynt, Buzzyears, CenturyLink, China Telecom, Colt, Commvault, Expereo, GBI, Global Capacity, Google, Nutanix, SAP & more) Tier IIIISO/IEC 27018:2014ISO/IEC 27017:2015ISO/IEC 27001:2013ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011ISO/IEC 20000-9:2015HIPAA CompliantBDSG compliantPCI DSSCSA StarLevel 3 MTCS certificationSOC2 ComplianceSOC1 ComplianceGDPR ComplianceMeitY accredited Tier III & Tier IVISO 22301-2012ISO 9001:2015ISO 27001:2013CMMIDEV Level 3ISO 20000 – 1AICPA SOCPCI DSS CertifiedMicrosoft Certified PartnerHipaa CompliantICANN Accredited Registry Gold PartnercPanelDellHPIBMIntelOracleVMwareParallels Gold Partner Tier IV (Under Process)MicrosoftNutanixAWSVeeamHuawei
Disaster Recovery (DR) & Backup Services Cold, Warm & Hot DRWork Area Recovery (BCP Seats) Disaster Recovery HostingBackup & Recovery X Hot/Warm DR siteDR on Cloud DRaaSInfinite VaultBackup-as-a-ServiceData Protection-as-a-Service Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)Backup on Cloud GoInfinit RecoverGoInfinit Backup Fully Managed DR SolutionManaged Storage & Backup DRaaSWork area Recovery ServicesRapid Cloud Backups Utility StorageBackup & RecoveryArchival ServiceManaged DR & Business Continuity Planning
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cloud CDN X X Partner with Akamai Yes, with live streaming by Wowza Media Server 3 X SaaS Service with Akamai Tier 1 Global Content Delivery Network Content Delivery Network Services X
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Yes iNtelligent eNlight WAF X Managed Web Application Firewall Yes X X Yes X Yes
Firewall Service Load Balancer, Cluster and Firewall X X Managed Firewall Service Yes Managed Firewall Service Managed Firewall Service Yes Managed Firewall Services Yes
SD-WAN Services X X X Yes X X Yes IZO™ SDWAN X X
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes X X
Internet Bandwidth Services Yes Yes X 100% Uptime Yes X Yes Yes X Yes
Managed Services Yes Yes X Managed Security Services (MSS) Managed IT Services Managed Storage and Backup Service Managed Network & Security Services Managed Hosting, Storage & DB Managed Security Services IT Managed ServicesManaged Security
Collaboration & Mailing Solutions Hosted Exchange & Zimbra Email Hosting X SimpliMail Exchange X X Collaboration Services Unified Communications Yes X
App Development Services X Yes X Yes Yes X Yes Yes Yes X
Load Balancing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IT Transformation & Innovative Services Hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV Smart City SolutionsArtificial Intelligence Services True Carrier NeutralityAWS Direct Connect Managed AWS Direct Connect Machine Learning, Deep LearningArtificial Intelligence Services Consultation Services IoT solutionsTransformation Services Mobility & IoTSmart Cities Global Traffic Director Services DC BuildCloud Connect Global

Download the spreadsheet with all the features of top 10 best data center service providers in India.

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These are the largest data center service providers in India. Tell us your feedback in the comments section. We also invite suggestions to help us make this list better.

*Source: Internet usage in India – Statistics & Facts

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